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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Ryan Linze who was born in Illinois on May 14, 1978 and passed away on July 21, 2006 at the age of 28. We will remember him forever.

Ryan was a wonderful father, husband, son, brother, brother-in-law, son-in-law, uncle, godfather, boss, and last but not least a wonderful friend to many.  He was so much to all that knew him.  Always quiet but with a personality that would shine through in his strong soul.

Ryan was born in 1978, in Silvis, IL.  The son of Gary and Rose Linze.  He was the 3rd in a line of 4.  From what I've been told, he was a very unique child.  Always in trouble for getting into mischeif.  He would be the one that was always making a funny face at the person taking the picture so that every picture he was in was humerous in some way.  He made friends easily (probably because he always did what the other kids wanted to do and didn't think twice about it!).  He didn't live a rich life but he and his family had fun.  From shooting water balloons (and hitting the neighbors dog!) to shooting a pellet gun at a bird (and hitting the neighbors house instead!).  He laughed a lot, played a lot, and loved a lot.

He started working at Village Inn when he was 16 years old.  That store actually shaped his life story... too bad he didn't know it then!!  He started as a bus boy and eventually worked his way into management in the next 12 years....

He graduated from high school in 1997.  He never was much into college but that boy could work with his hands!!  He could run electrical lines, do the plumbing in the bathroom, hang drywall, and even paint the walls all in one day.  There wasn't anything he couldn't do with his hands.  He was still working at VI at the time he graduated and decided instead of more school he wanted to take some time and enjoy life for awhile!  That is until he met me, Dana Hisle, in 1999.  Classic story....  waitress meets cook, fall in love, you know those stories.

Well our love wasn't THAT perfect but pretty close.  We met in 1998, started dating in 1999, and had our first child, Zakari Cain in 2000.  Yes it was certaintly fast but I remember on our second date, I told him I was going to marry him and have his children.  I wasn't lying!  Instead of putting all our money into a big wedding though, we put it into our first home for our child.  We bought our house together in 2001.  An old Victorian that together we were going to turn into a beautiful home.  I remember we bought it in May and didn't even move in until September.  We worked on this house day and night, as well as both working full time.  It was finally move-in ready (not done, but able to be lived in) and we have worked on it since then.  

Ryan worked full time while I finished school to become a nurse.  Right after graduation, along came little Izeah Gabriel in 2004, and then, another wonderful surprise, along came Zane Micheal in 2005.  Ryan worked long and hard days and still came home every night and took care of his children.  He was a wonderful father.... always patient and understanding..... always letting the boys play and do things that mommy frowned on because he knew how to relax and have fun with them.  They loved their daddy so much.  There eyes would simply light up the minute you could hear him pull into the driveway..... "DADDY'S HOME!!!"  It literally pains my heart to know that they can't say that anymore.  He was the type of daddy that didn't mind carrying a child around all night long, just because they wanted to be held.  He never said no to a midnight feeding or a poopy diaper.  He was one of a kind and it hurts to have seen him go.  

Ryan was also a wonderful husband.  Sure, we had our good times and bad, but every one taught us how to love each other better and stronger.  We proved to all that didn't believe it, that we had a bond that could not be broken.  Finally on May 13th, 2006....  we had our big wedding.  I was blessed with enough time to become Dana Linze.  I will cherish that day forever in my heart, as bittersweet as it is.  He never let me down at home either.  From folding the socks (which I hated) to scrubbing the bathroom floor.... he didn't miss a beat.  I remember telling him the day of our wedding that his only "job" for the day was to call me once an hour and tell me how beautiful I was.... I was really only joking, but he DID it.  He would call me every hour to tell me just that, and that he loved me.  After seven years, he would still walk in the door and kiss me like he had been gone for months, then walk by me a half hour later and grab my butt!!  (:-)

Then on July 20th, our lives changed forever.  He was doing what Ryan always did, working with is hands.  He was trimming a tree branch off the front tree because it was rubbing on the roof.  He climbed on the front porch, up on a ladder, and started cutting with his chainsaw.  Before he had a chance to react, the tree snapped and knocked him 20 feet to the ground.  Ryan sustained massive brain trauma and developed many complications from it.  We, as a family, finally let him go on July 21st, 2006.  We all were with him when he passed and got to hold him for his final heart beat.  The man of all our dreams was gone in the blink of an eye.

So to not let his memory die with him, I've decided to start this memorial site to keep him alive with us in spirit and in love.  I hope all who visit enjoy what I put on.  I want people to see Ryan through my eyes and what a tragic loss we all are facing today.

Tributes and Condolences
Forever In My Thoughts   / Rose Linze (Mom)
Ryan Linze is my son.  Five years ago his life ended and my life changed forever.  I think of you everyday. I would give anything to hear your voice again.  You left us so quickly there was no time for goodbyes.  No longer able to...  Continue >>
Hello My Love   / Dana Linze (Wife)
Hello My Love.... It's been 5 years. 5 years since your sudden demise. 5 years since I told my babies that their daddy went to live someplace else.... 5 years since I thought my world had ended... And yet it was just beginning. I ca...  Continue >>
Smiles!  / You Are Missed (Friend)
I came upon this site and didn't know Ryan has passed.  I knew him from Jr high/high school.. He was always at least in 1 of my classes through our years..he was a great kid..we always talked to one another before class started or what not but h...  Continue >>
Still miss you   / Justin Hisle (Brother in law )
The title says it all. I still miss you ryan and I don't know why but as of lately I have been thinking of you more and more. I can't help but wonder how things would be if you were still here to this day. You were a great inspiration to me and many ...  Continue >>
Four years ago   / Rose Linze (Mom)
To My Special Angel: Bet you never thought you'd hear those words from me (ha ha). In your younger years "angel" isn't exactly what comes to mind but none the less you are my special angel now. The last four years have gone by so fast and...  Continue >>
One choice, four years ago...  / Dana Linze (Wife)    Read >>
Thinking about you.  / Jason Linze (Brother)    Read >>
3 Years and Still Missing You  / Rose Linze (Mom)    Read >>
31st Birthday  / Rose Linze (Mom)    Read >>
Anniversary and Birthday.....  / Dana Linze (Wife)    Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Rose Linze (Mom)    Read >>
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One year  / Dana Linze (Wife)    Read >>
Daddy...... / Dana Linze (wife)    Read >>
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His legacy
Ryan's beautiful children  

Ryan left his legacy loud and clear!!

Zakari Cain was born September 20th, 2000.  Blonde hair just like his daddy at that age.  Zakari helped both Ryan and I see the future more clearly.  He gave us a sense of being needed and having someone that will love you unconditionally.  Zakari was always smiling as a baby and always looking for attention, he still does today.  He plays soccer and baseball just like daddy did, and they spent many a day practicing in the back yard.  Also like his daddy, he is never in a hurry.  Ryan never hurried to do anything and Zakari also takes an hour to eat breakfast, and 20 minutes to get dressed.  Zakari is also a wonderful sleeper, like daddy.  You have to actually throw him out of bed to wake him (I used to have to push Ryan out of bed too).

Izeah Gabriel came second on March 16th, 2004.  He is almost a spitting image of Ryan when he was young.  Ryan was always into something and frequently in trouble for goofing off :-)  Izeah matches perfectly.  Izeah will destroy a book shelf, and as you pick up the first book has already knocked over your pop (or beer), then when you wipe that up you turn around and he is on the top of the fridge.  This is EVERYDAY!!!  They always say you will have a child that will teach you what you put your parents through and Ryan did, he learned from Izeah what he did as he also learned to be the same father his dad was.  

Zane Micheal was our third and last little miracle born on June 9th, 2005.  Beautiful little coppertop has Ryan's laid back attitude.  Zane is so calm in the face of danger and chaos (his brothers!!).  He takes after Ryan in this because Ryan hardly ever lost his cool in a tense or busy situation.  Zane, I'm sure will come to show so much more of Ryan's attributes but his personality is still forming as he is still so young!!

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