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May 1978
Born in Silvis, Illinois on May 14, 1978.  Parents are Gary and Rose Linze.  Two older sibling, Rebecca and Jason.  Ryan was number 3 and Sarah will follow later. 
June 1994
Started his first job as a bus boy at the local pancake house called Village Inn.  He made many friends here and actually did like going to work!
June 1997
Graduated from United Township High School. 
July 1999
Started dating Dana Hisle through work.  Although we had known each other for a year and a half, it took that long for me to get his attention!!
September 2000
Ryan became a daddy at 4:45 in the afternoon on September 20th.  He stayed by my side for the 3 and 1/2 hours it took to have his first little angel.  Ryan cut the cord and was the first one to hold our little man.  I remember it rained all day and right after Zak was born the son came out....  it was beautiful!
December 2000
Christmas Day Ryan asked me to marry him.  He neatly wrapped the ring in a large box and had me open it in front of his family.  I looked at it and looked at him.  He didn't say anything!!  His mom asked me, "Well, what did you say?" and I said, "I haven't said anything because he hasn't asked yet!"  Ryan piped in and said, "Well, do you want to?  You know, get married?"  OF COURSE I DO!
May 2001
Ryan and I purchased our first house.  An old 1901 built Victorian home in need of repairs!  A "fixer upper" but we were proud.  We had a pizza party by candle light the first night in our home!
September 2001
Ryan actually moved into our house on Zakari's 1st birthday, September 20th.  It was a LONG day!!  We didn't sleep the night before and moved in, then had Zak's party the next day--  we were ALL exhausted!!
March 2004
Went into labor with Izeah on March 15th and seven hours later, Izeah Gabriel was born at 12:30 AM on March 16th.  I remember I spent almost 4 hours in the whirlpool tub and Ryan (along with other close family and friends) stayed by my side the whole time.  They would rotate into the bathroom one at a time to sit with me.  Ryan held my hand the whole deliver--  he was always amazed at watching the birth--  wouldn't look at me but would watch as his little men came into the world with out turning grey or feeling sick....  he loved it!!  He also cut Izeah's cord and was the first to hold him!!
June 2004
Ryan was officially employed by Village Inn for 10 years and was working in management.  He was the best cook Village Inn had ever seen.  His food was perfect. 
June 2005
Here we go again!!  I went into labor on June 8th but stayed at home thinking it was false.  At 1:15 AM I smacked Ryan and said, "We have to go NOW!!"  Ryan said, "But I have to clean out my CAR!!" So at 1:30 AM we were cleaning out his car, packing up two kids, and working through contractions every 1.5 minutes!!  I didn't think we would make it!!  Got to the hospital around 2:30 AM and had baby Zane Micheal at 3:30 AM.  Again, Ryan cut the cord and was the first to hold him.  That same day Ryan went and traded in his prize mustang for a family car, the Ford Freestyle.  What a proud papa he was!!
May 2006
After 7 years of being together, Ryan and I tied the knot on May 13th.  I became Mrs. Dana Linze.  It was a rainy day but despite the rain and cold, it was a beautiful ceremony and reception.  Our closest family and friends celebrated with us.  He was so happy that day, it is a memory I will treasure forever.  Our family was finally complete!
June 2006
Ryan and I decided that with in the next month, he would quit his job and become a stay at home daddy and I would work as a nurse in Chicago.  We always wanted to raise the kids with one of us around the majority of the time.  He never did get the chance.
July 2006
Passed away on July 21, 2006 at the age of 28.  On July 20th Ryan was trimming the front tree away from the front porch.  It snapped and knock him 20 feet to the ground.  He suffered severe head injuries and on July 21st, he left this world and became part of the next world with his family and his wife at his side.  He was never alone.
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