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Ryan's beautiful children  

Ryan left his legacy loud and clear!!

Zakari Cain was born September 20th, 2000.  Blonde hair just like his daddy at that age.  Zakari helped both Ryan and I see the future more clearly.  He gave us a sense of being needed and having someone that will love you unconditionally.  Zakari was always smiling as a baby and always looking for attention, he still does today.  He plays soccer and baseball just like daddy did, and they spent many a day practicing in the back yard.  Also like his daddy, he is never in a hurry.  Ryan never hurried to do anything and Zakari also takes an hour to eat breakfast, and 20 minutes to get dressed.  Zakari is also a wonderful sleeper, like daddy.  You have to actually throw him out of bed to wake him (I used to have to push Ryan out of bed too).

Izeah Gabriel came second on March 16th, 2004.  He is almost a spitting image of Ryan when he was young.  Ryan was always into something and frequently in trouble for goofing off :-)  Izeah matches perfectly.  Izeah will destroy a book shelf, and as you pick up the first book has already knocked over your pop (or beer), then when you wipe that up you turn around and he is on the top of the fridge.  This is EVERYDAY!!!  They always say you will have a child that will teach you what you put your parents through and Ryan did, he learned from Izeah what he did as he also learned to be the same father his dad was.  

Zane Micheal was our third and last little miracle born on June 9th, 2005.  Beautiful little coppertop has Ryan's laid back attitude.  Zane is so calm in the face of danger and chaos (his brothers!!).  He takes after Ryan in this because Ryan hardly ever lost his cool in a tense or busy situation.  Zane, I'm sure will come to show so much more of Ryan's attributes but his personality is still forming as he is still so young!!

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